Working in the darkness of enterprise bureaucracy

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Bureaucracy decreases the efficiency of work, slows down operations and doesn’t solve that much problems at all. Then why corporations have endless bureaucracy, procedures and paperwork? Put aside the ones that are needed for legal stuff, there are still too many bureaucracy in corporations. Why?

Answer to this simple question is deep and rather complex however I’m going to try to simplify it by taking the root cause of it into consideration.

Staff in big corporations is highly inadequate for their current positions. As a result they don’t have personal confidence on what they do and in case of any problem they are almost sure that they will not be able to solve it. This lack of confidence drives corporate staff into an endless seek for a scapegoat for any dysfunction.

In any case of an unexpected situation there should be at least one person responsible of this who is not me.

Motto of enterprise life

In the light of above, think of procedures which are meaningless, not useful; think of technologies which are outdated. Things are working, proceeding very slowly and inefficient with all those improper stuff. However who could dare to change them? Who wants to take the risk of being responsible in case of any failure? Nobody could do it because in order to be able to fix things when they fail or broke one should know how to do it. That’s the main problem.

Once in a few year a “super hero” comes out who knows too many things! This dude is also idealistic and takes responsibility for changing outdated procedures, scripts and technologies and rewrites them to be more efficient and contemporary. Unfortunately this dude generally cannot make it through the years in the company and escapes.

After all, those new “efficiently working” scripts, procedures and technologies become taboos to all those remaining idiots from top(CEO) to down(developer).

Years goes by, times change, new technologies emerge, scripts, procedures and used technologies become hurdles yet they remain the same. Hackers who complaining about outdated stuff are simply ignored and they write blog posts about them…

Why those hackers don’t take responsibility to change things instead of blog posting? Because they are subcontractors : )

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