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Street Slacktivism 30 May 2014

The term street slacktivism sounds like an oxymoron at first but let me explain. First, for the unfamiliars, here is the definition of slacktivism by Oxford Dictionary[1]:

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Soldadito de Bolivia, Soldadito Boliviano 29 May 2014

“Soldadito Boliviano” a poem by Nicolás Guillén.

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Working in the darkness of enterprise bureaucracy 09 Dec 2012

Bureaucracy decreases the efficiency of work, slows down operations and doesn’t solve that much problems at all. Then why corporations have endless bureaucracy, procedures and paperwork? Put aside the ones that are needed for legal stuff, there are still too many bureaucracy in corporations. Why?

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Non-Disclosure Agreements and Idiotic Companies 10 Nov 2012

I will be discussing about the technical(related to development) aspect of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on this post. So don’t think of finance, law or press related aspects of it. I may agree with the necessity of keeping secret the financial situation/decisions of projects or necessity of hiding the fight of two managers from public or press.

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