Starting with the basics: Concept confusion

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Without well defined concepts and having both sides of the conversation agree on them, any conversation is pure waste of time. On such cases people should just shut up and try to clarify what do they mean by saying this or that.

Unfortunately people I met so far prefer to use their home-brew meanings on concepts and pretend that everybody in the conversation agrees with him although the conversation is already well observed to be in deep shit…

So, to clarify things on this blog I will try to explain some ‘confusing concepts’ that might be included in my posts any time in the future. I hope to update this post as my posts uses new concepts and so…


Hacking can be best described as the process of stealing somebody’s MSN password and blackmail him/her with naked pho…

Fucking not! If you really think that hacking is about sneaking into people’s computers or steal information on internet or shutting down internet sites, there is no posts that you could understand, sorry. But if you are lucky enough to be curious then you can learn the difference between cracking and hacking and then turn back here and get the joy ;)


By using this word I really mean someone who really develops a software with bare hands. Using and customizing WordPress, creating web sites with web-site-builders, web developers that just editing CSS, software analysts, user acceptance testers, database admins, script kiddies, lamers and MSPs don’t count.

Good/Brilliant developer



A software company, a company that also develops software or a company that gets software developed by 3rd parties.

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